Poetry: The Owl and the Wood

Stood strong for many years.
A structure filled with laughing sounds,
Yet also wept with tears.

The walls surrounded love and hope,
Of a young man and his bride.
Then graced the wood with baby sounds,
Of coos and grunts and cries.

Grandpa came to stay awhile,
When he was old and frail.
The wooden floors heard shuffled steps,
And saw he was so pale.

The children wrote upon its walls,
And ran into them too.
But mother gently scrubbed the marks,
And kissed all the boo boos.

A stranger came to call one day,
Asked the father if he might.
Take the pretty girl a dancing,
In the soft and clear moonlight.

The wood is much more tired now,
It rocks beneath the chairs.
A lifetime passed amongst the walls,
And answered many prayers.

The house became abandoned,
It weathered and it fell,
Some structure still does stand there,
There’s a new life there to dwell.

The wisest of them all, is said,
To sit upon its perch.
He listens to the tales of past,
It’s all about the search.

The search for love and happiness,
You find within four walls.
Will never end and stop there,
For the wise owl knows it all.