Poetry: Do You Remember

Do you remember holding me when I was just a babe,
Did you just sit and stare at me, I’m sure I did the same.
I was the first of frilly things, bright colors were for me,
But four more like me were to come, pink is all you’d see.

Do you remember melodies while relaxing in your chair,
Of five familiar voices that used to fill the air.
Your eyes were bright, your body stretched, you stood out in the crowd,
I stood up straight and sang out loud, knowing you were proud.

Do you remember Sunday drives along the country roads,
Now who lives there, the crops are good, don’t get ice cream on your clothes
The boys would get the backseat windows, the youngest sat in the front,
The remaining four would wiggle and squirm and give out little grunts.

Do you remember those tall trees that laid across the fence.
We used them to go up and down, it just made our mother tense.
You placed a plank across a stump that took us round and round
A house of bales made hide and seek not easy to be found.

Well I remember all these things, so vivid in my mind
Those happy memories I have, not every child can find.
Two parents I do thank for this, the highest you do rank,
For this Sunday it is Father’s Day, so today Dad, its you I thank.