Poetry: The Ancients

The Journey to the place, pre-ordained and between two great stars was reached by the ancients.
Their Dormant Ark at rest for so long was now awoken.

There was work to be done by those who had been chosen to travel from so far away and entrusted to undertake this sacred vocation.  

A world to form and to seed was their purpose and In this act, memories and the old world would live again.

In the beginning, One of the two stars was extinguished and pulled closer, its energy substance and force put to its new task.
Their technology which was impossible to look upon or describe here descended
From their Ark, the work for the Ancient Builders had now begun.

For three billion years they toiled to created the earth and its interaction with their Ark and that of the chosen  great star.
The oceans were set down and divide from the land. When this was done; from the Ark were carried seeds of many forms.
Some would fly, some would crawl , and some would swim.’
The forms were cared for and given other forms that provided sustenance.
Plants and trees of all variance were placed upon their creation.
Through these placements of animals that would procreate and the mineral kingdom which would sustain the plants,
A balance had now been achieved.

The Arks relation to the earth and that of the remaining great star would determine the tides and the weather and also keep them safe from the traveling  sky fire that was born so long ago from the deep Abyss of space .

the builders from the Ark saw their work almost complete but for their most precious seed .

Female and male in a form exacting their own likeness were then to be placed upon their creation.

Through the many following centuries the builders would visit and guide their descendants through morals, lore and stories attributed to their journey.

Thousands of years moved forward as many of the descendant generations had now come and gone from those first seeds placed.
Precious Knowledge was passed to their seedlings, of mathematics, astronomy and agriculture.
The working and raising of stones to echo time and origin, with seemly impossible scale and long forgotten purpose would be taught.

And finally, when satisfied with their creation the time had come for those who'd come from infinity to return to their sleep once more.

Their Ark would silently and for a mountains’ age continue to orbit around their creation, shining in the night sky illuminating the months and patiently  
Awaiting the great return.